August 6-10, 2019


Ages 6+. Three Levels, Beginner (6-10yrs), Intermediate and Advanced (10 and up). On the first day a placement class will be held for all dancers ages 10+ to place them in the best level.

Schedule & Cost

The Beginner level is 5 half day sessions from 1pm – 5pm, snacks included – $175. Intermediate and Advanced 5 full day sessions from 10am-5pm, lunch included – $395. (After June 24th the price goes up to  $200 for the beginner level & $425 for Int. and Adv.)


One Full tuition (up to $425) and one half tuition (up to $200) scholarship opportunity available for the FULL day participants.
More details below! 

(Pay 30 days prior and it’s only $175 for the beginner level & $395 for Int. and Adv. Prices go up to $195 and $425)

The teachers worked one on one with her and very talented!!!  My daughter loved her experience there!!! It was all about a team experience. The teachers and dancers all worked for the same goals!



What Do We Wear?

For Classes
Tasteful dance attire, show off your style! Students should bring black jazz sneakers or jazz shoes, tap shoes (black preferred, tan if that’s what you have). Advanced dancers may bring character heels if they have them. If you have ballet, black or tan jazz or lyrical shoes bring those, too. Please bring your own water bottles, with names marked on for class. Other than that just bring a great attitude and get ready to dance for five days with some of the best in the biz!

For the Show:
It’s very simple! Black Jazz Pants/leggings and a SOLID (no logo) brightly colored tank top with a black sports bra or black tank leotard under. Black stockings/tights/socks should be worn with shoes. If you are doing a dance from your studio, bring only accessories, not a costume (no time or place to change).

How Much Does It Cost?

For our Beginner level (6-10yrs) the cost is $200. ($175 if paid before June 24th 2019)


  • 5 half day sessions, 1pm-5pm.
  • Snacks provided
  • Performances on Saturday!

Our Intermediate & Advanced levels (10yrs+) the cost is $425. ($395 if paid before June 24th 2019)

  • 5 full day sessions, 10am-5pm
  • Lunch provided each day.
  • Performances on Saturday.
What Level Will My Dancer Be Placed In?
New for this year Placement Class:
Dancers who are over the age of 10 participate in the full day intensive schedule and will be placed in their appropriate class level on the first day of the intensive after an opening warm up / placement class.


This is to make sure that they get placed in the best level for them. We want to make sure they have fun and are challenged.

Do We Need To Bring Lunch?

Dance North will be serving a healthy nutritious lunch for Intermediate and Advanced levels (10yrs+). For the Beginners (6yr-10yr), who attend only half-day sessions, we will be providing them with healthy, kid-friendly snacks. If your dancer would like to bring their own lunch they can do that as well!

Can You Tell Me About The Perfomance?


Yes! There will be two performances on the last day of the workshop. Both will be in beautiful downtown Mackinaw City. Everyone is invited. Come early and bring a lawn chair. Feel free to record and photograph. We will be performing pieces created during the workshop. It is a wonderful experience for everyone.

Where Do We Stay?
The following websites provide a valuable resource for finding amazing accommodations:

Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce

Tee Pee Campground

Are We Allowed To Take Videos And Pictures?


We encourage it!

Days Till Dance North








About Dance North

The DANCE NORTH Summer Intensive brings professional Broadway performers, TV & Film choreographers and excellent educators who will excite and inspire your dancers. This year marks the 17th year for us!